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Business Opportunities in India

India Offers Varied Business Opportunities

With a market of 1.2 billion consumers, high reserves of natural resources and half-a-billion strong workforce (including substantial numbers working in high-tech), India offers varied business opportunities. We take a quick look at some of these.

Infrastructure Quantity and Quality

While the country has 4.3 million kilometre road network (world's second largest), much of it consists of narrow unpaved roads. Compared to G27 countries, it has the lowest density of roads per 100,000 persons. Both quantity and quality needs enhancement.

India also has the fourth largest rail network in the world consisting of 114,500 kilometres of track and 7,172 stations. However, both the rolling stock and stations could do with modernization.

Energy Generation

Generating 281.423 GW of electricity, the country is the fourth largest producer. However, its fast growing economy needs ever more energy. And the opportunities for using renewable sources of energy are great considering the vast open spaces and a coastline of 8000 kilometres.

India has huge resources of coal but burning it is considered damaging to health and ecology. If coal can be processed in a cleaner way as suggested by MIT Technology Review, these huge reserves can help with the growing energy needs. Another source of energy is sugarcane, a major crop. Read about Brazil's success story of using sugarcane for energy.


Seeking to expand our operations we approached Gopinathan of IndiaBusinessDesign to develop a financial model for our expansion project. He produced a complete model that estimated profitability under different levels of operations, funding requirements to carry the business to a cash surplus stage and a valuation of the project based on profitability. The model provided valuable insights to negotiate with prospective investors.

Manjunath P., Managing Director
Lumiere Organics

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Small Business Opportunities

A country with 1.2 billion consumers cannot but offer innumerable opportunities for varied kinds of products and services. What is needed is a look around to identify problems and needs, and developing viable solutions. Read about Small Business Ideas on a separate page.

For example, disposal of industrial, household and e-waste (computer monitors and other electronic components) is a growing problem. If you can develop viable solutions for segregating different kinds of waste (plastic, paper, bio-degradable, etc.), and treating each kind appropriately, you will have an excellent business idea.

Services Offered by IndiaBusinessDesign

IndiaBusinessDesign has gained decades of exposure to doing business in India and has also developed a network of professionals with varied skills and work experience. The firm is thus in a position to provide a complete range of services for India business:

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