Why Do Small Businesses Need Consulting Services?

Business is for "doers" and not for "thinkers." Does this mean that doing business involves jumping into any business? And that you can succeed in it simply through persistence? It might, if the businessperson is lucky. But in most cases, it will mean landing into trouble (as evidenced by the overwhelming percentage of small business failures).

Successful business requires different kinds of skills. You need marketing skill which is different from salesmanship. Marketing starts with finding a product or service that that people need but is in short supply.

Next, you have to organize your operations to deliver a quality product or service at minimal costs. This means answering what quality is. And what options are there for delvering quality at acceptable costs.


You also have to deal with financial aspects - financing the business and controlling profitablilty. Finance is needed not only for setting up the business but also carrying it till sales volumes are high enough to generate cash surplus. And profitability involves controlling costs without affecting quality and marketing effectivenss.

With over a billion consumers, including individuals, business organisations and governments, there is no shortage of business opportunities in India. The task for you as a businessperson is to identify the right opportunity considering your resources and inclinations. Instead of jumping into any business, you should select one that is righ for you.

It is rare for the small businessperson to combine all these skills. Hence the need for consultancy services.