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India Business Opportunities

India is a huge market with:

  • 1.3 billion individual consumers like you and me
  • Over a million businesses and
  • Central, state and local governments

These consumers have all kinds of needs and problems. Considering that businesses exist to meet needs and solve problems, there is no shortage of business opportunities in India.


The mission of IndiaBusinessDesign is to help businesses to tap these opportunities and build successful businesses.

What Does Business Success Look Like?

A business becomes successful when its sales are growing, its costs are less than sales, and profits are increasing year after year. However, these are only the visible signs. There are many factors and sub-factors that underlie sales, costs and profits.

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business modelling for business success

Click the above chart to take a look at the numerous issues that lead to business success. Business modelling provides a framework to manage the complexity.

Why not contact us for a free and no-obligation discussion to tap the great business opportunities India offers?

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